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Sugaring (Organic Hair Removal)                   

Body Sugaring is the most modern version of the ancient art of hair removal FOR WOMEN AND MEN. It has been practiced through the ages by Egyptian women as a sugar-based style of hair removal. Sugar waxing remains the most safe and natural way to remove unwanted hair for today's woman.. and man! 

Options For Sugaring


30 minutes

Clean up of sides and belly only removing hair visible to bikini line. Includes Hungarian Mud Mask



45 minutes and over

Sugaring removing all pubic hair. Recommend to pre book in every 2-3 weeks to help maintain Brazilian. Includes Hungarian Mud Mask

Extended Bikini

45 minutes

The “In-Betweenie” is when hair is removed slightly more on both sides and top. Leaving a smaller strip of hair. Includes Hungarian Mud Mask.

Men’s Chest including Stomach

1 hour 

Removal of hair on chest including the stomach.

Men’s Back including Shoulders

1 hour 

Removal of back hair including shoulders.


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